Corporate and economic criminal law

For more than a decade, the firm has been providing judicial and extra-judicial assistance to industrial businesses, banking organisations, and service companies, consulting and assisting them in criminal proceedings as well as assisting them as civil parties within the criminal proceedings. We have represented and defended the directors, managers, and general personnel of entities as well as defending the same entities in corporate, and civil liability proceedings consisting in banking and corporate crime, money laundering, property crime, environmental crime deriving from workplace accidents, tax crime, insolvency crime, and any crime involving the relationship between a client and a business.

Financial crime involving banks and financial intermediaries
Corporate criminal law and insolvency
Tax law
Anti-money laundering
Corporate liability of entities under Italian Legislative Decree No.231/01 and organisational models.
Industrial property rights and copy rights
Criminal employment law particularly regarding negligence
Environmental criminal law
Town-planning breaches
Medical negligence
Crimes against public administration
Crimes against industry and trade
Cultural heritage protection
Defamation in the media
Traffic offences

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