Festival – Italian Pianists 2018 - SBS law firm among the supporters of the prestigious, most anticipated event of the summer in Reggio Emilia

Sutich Barbieri Sutich law firm, which has always been sensitive to cultural activities developed in the territory where it carries out the majority of its professional activity, contributed to the realization of the 2018 Festival of Italian Pianists, among the most anticipated events of the summer in Reggio Emilia.

The Festival, now in its fifth edition and organized by Italian Classic in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the Palazzo Magnani Foundation, seeks to bring to the public’s attention a generation of excellent pianists and extraordinary musicians, with the aim of bringing people closer to classical music — and especially to great performers.

Palazzo Magnani Foundation

The Palazzo Magnani Foundation promotes culture and visual arts.
It works to protect, enhance and promote artistic, historical, and cultural assets, as well as to encourage cultural growth, tourism, and to improve the local economy.
As one of its Founding Members, Sutich Barbieri Sutich continually supports the foundation.

Reggio Emilia Theatre Foundation

Established in 2002, the Foundation invests in nearly all areas of live performance. There are six activities: opera, concerts, dance, prose, musical operetta, and children’s theatre, as well as two festivals: the Festival Aperto for music and contemporary dance and the String Quartet Festival; the international string-quartet competition to award the “Paolo Borciani prize”, as well as numerous shows and installations, the foundation also supports schools and conferences. Sutich Barbieri Sutich has supported this foundation since the very beginning.