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The Firm is open

We inform you that Sutich Barbieri Sutich Law Firm reorganized its activities, in compliance with the applicable laws concerning the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, with a view of safeguarding the health of its clients, employees, associates and of all the professionals working therein.

The Firm is open (as professional activities have not been suspended by the Italian Government) from Monday until Friday, from 8.30 am until 7.00 pm. On the contrary, the Firm will be closed on Saturdays.
Though meetings at the Firm's and clients' offices have been suspended, the usual professional activity is regularly and promptly carried out, including - where necessary - through remote video-conference technical supports which can be used without the need of a specific software.

As regards the submission of documents, it is advisable to adopt digital means of transmission, but only in case this option would not be feasible, the Firm is organized in order to receive physical documents in safety conditions both for the clients who are delivering them and for the personnel who takes care of the reception.
The Firm and its Partners remain at the clients' disposal, hoping to be soon able to continue with the usual, ordinary day-by-day activity.

The Firm

"Sutich Barbieri Sutich" was established in 1991 by the founding partners Gian Carlo Sutich, Giorgio Barbieri, and Roberto Sutich. Ever since then, the firm has experienced continual growth, both in terms of our resources and the work we do.

Currently, we have 23 members in our legal team: 3 founding partners, 2 partners, and 18 associates.

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Our Services

Inspired by the organisational structure adopted by leading Italian, and international law firms, our firm is divided into departments. Our dedicated Corporate Law team deals with any judicial and extra-judicial matters or transactions falling under corporate law, financial law (including placing and withdrawing financial instruments in regulated markets), banking law, crisis management (including in insolvency proceedings), and contract law (regarding business contracts). Our dedicated Criminal Law team offers legal representation and consultancy services, in particular regarding...
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