Corporate and commercial law

Over the years, the firm has acquired a wealth of experience both in relation to judicial (disputes) and extra-judicial matters. We have managed extraordinary transactions and complex court cases in the field of corporate and commercial law also on an international scale. More specifically, the firm continually dedicates resources to conducting research and in-depth case studies, provides legal assistance and consultancy services, and boasts an indisputable reputation within the field of corporate, financial, and banking law, within insolvency proceedings, within debt reconstruction, and in drafting business contracts. We assist our clients by supporting them in every step of extraordinary transactions (acquisitions, the divestment of businesses and shareholdings, capital transactions, mergers, demergers and transformations, including in insolvency proceedings), in re-structuring businesses and corporate groups (even when in crisis), in drafting every kind of commercial and financial contract, and in managing legal and arbitration disputes.

Arbitration - judicial disputes
Business contracts (national and international)
Company law
Banking and financial law
Insolvency law and crisis management
Real estate
Capital markets and market regulation
M&A and private equity
Anti-trust law

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